Take a picture/video every day of summer

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1 second a day video

To tackle this challenge, I started the 1 second a day challenge after looking at some really cool videos online of a man who recorded 1 second of every day of his life.

This is a great way to document the most special moments of every day and also to be able to look back and pinpoint what you have done each day.

This app allows me to appreciate every moment of every day because even the most ordinary things become seemingly beautiful when stitched together to show a timeline of my growth, and I truly have grown through this app. I have been able to find joy and happiness in the smallest moments and when I look back to all my moments that I have collected (not just all of summer, but over many many years), I am so happy that I’ve gone through the effort of collecting these moments.

Disclosure: I have not been paid or compensated in any way for promoting this app. I just think it is fantastic and everyone should get it.



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still-gaslandLast weekend, I went to San Francisco for a quick vacation with my family, and although we were on the road for all three days of the trip and I had some serious car sickness, It turned out to be a pretty good trip. We first visited Santa Barbara and stopped at a premium outlet mall. I am not a big fan of shopping, so I stayed outside and just watched people go about. Then, I visited Big Sur ( California Highway 1 Big Sur River Inn–delicious food), China Town (good place to bargain.. even when its drizzling), and Fisherman’s Wharf ( best clam chowder ever!) We stopped at three different hotels, and of course one of them created a huge problem and so we didn’t sleep until about 3am. At the last hotel, I went to the gym at 10pm, and surprisingly I met someone there from Canada. We talked for some time about what brought us to San Francisco and our work and whatnot, and he told me about how “fracking” on oil wells works. It was truly fascinating how precise they had to be to extract the oil. I learned a general layout of the oil wells with the cap layer on top, then the gases, the oil, and the water layer.  I would have loved to talk more, but of course, it was getting late and I could not pretend to exercise any longer just to stay in the room and talk, and so we bid each other adieu. After I came back to the hotel room, I told my parents all I had learned about the oil extraction process. It turned out my dad knew a lot about oil “fracking” so I got to learn about how the U.S. economy is improving due to this new technology of oil “fracking” which provides 300x the amount of oil we used to get out of oil wells. This new technology has given cause for a decrease in oil imports from other countries, thereby helping the U.S. out of this recession. These past three days have taught me a great deal of patience (during the car ride), but also turned out to be a fun and educational road trip!

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Traveling… and airplanes?

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I love everything about traveling..except the airplane rides. This year, however, as plans came up to travel to Bangkok and Singapore for a wedding my family and I came to love airplane rides. How?? We traveled on Singapore Airlines A380 business class, and although quite expensive, the seats are very luxurious and comfortable. I usually always travel on business class for long distance or overnight flights, but never before have I felt quite as satisfied. Then again, a while later I saw the first class seats, and couldn’t help but feel jealous. There are videos, pictures, etc. online at  <<>> so check it out if you plan on traveling to singapore. It is worth the money… at least once! (Be sure to book early though because it does get expensive!)