Have we forgotten what privacy means?

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Privacy, although often talked about, is not something that people of this generation are actively pursuing.

Why not? Is it because we nolonger wish to live private lives?

I’ve talked to many people with a very large online presence, so I understand the glamour that comes with having millions of followers to “like” your every post. I get it, I really do. Our lifestyles the past few decades have changed to accommodate the ever increase technology and social media platforms, and that has also led us to share our every day menial tasks and celebrations to the world wide web through facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, and the list goes on.

We know this risks our physical safety (to have thousands of strangers know where we are, what we are doing, what the name of our dog is, what our family and friends look like) but now, with pattern recognition software in social media networks such as facebook, these platforms can, with some accuracy, predict: whether a couple will break up or not based on profile view data, if breast cancer impact a female’s life based on the facebook pages she “likes”, and what brands you are most likely to purchase based on your google searches. All this data helps marketers and advertisers somewhat influence your purchasing behavior, and in the future, may even manipulate your purchasing decisions. 

Marketers put sexually appealing women in ads or attractive photos of food to trigger a Pavlovian response. Commercial images in magazines and TV affect what our society thinks is beautiful or worth aspiring toward. Hyper-personalized ads that target us based on our entire life history of data may someday be able to influence us in ways we can’t comprehend. I’d like to believe I have free will, but undoubtedly, advertising has impacted decisions I’ve made during the course of my life.

Still, there is a great need for privacy. I’m not just talking about government conspiracies.

Chances are the world doesn’t care about your day to day problems, and though it’s nice to share your thoughts with others, you can choose who to share with instead of broadcasting it to the world. Call up a friend, invite them over and share it with them. It will not only build a better relationship between the two of you, but it will save you from getting your home broken into when you’re out for vacation.

We change over time, but if you post something online, it stays there forever. Even the posts I posted two or three years ago are embarrassing to reread. Even if I delete it, I know it will always be somewhere online in the world wide web waiting for some hacker to find.

We say we want privacy, but we don’t actively pursue privacy. We post up photos onto social media platforms, we share personal information (sometimes even security questions for credit cards and social security), we sign documents without reading through the fine print, and we “friend” random strangers in the hopes of feeling a little less lonely.



5 things I love about college

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1. Remember those piano lessons I’ve always wanted since I was five years old, mom?

I’m only a decade or so late, but now have friends in college teach me how to play! I try and practice every day.. and sometimes even multiple times a day.. And you know you have some sort of OCD when you start moving your fingers to imaginary keys randomly throughout the day. Is there a name for this compulsion??piano

2. I never have to do anything alone.

Whether I want to eat food or go work out or just sit and talk, I always have someone there with me. My roommates like to take showers around the same time as me so we don’t have to be alone in the showers in case a fire alarm rings and we have to run out. So, there is always someone there that enjoys the same things as you do, and will gladly join you in any/all the activities. It’s great to have someone there by your side. I never ever feel lonely!

3. I have time to get to know people on a deeper level.

There are just so many people to meet and get to know! It’s like a never-ending mission, but oh, it’s just a wonderful feeling to connect with someone and have someone who understands you, your values and philosophy, your problems, and your feelings. It not only helps you find peace and happiness, but it nurtures you to a better understanding of yourself and your environment. Sometimes it takes time to see the incredible person and to peel the layers off a person and find a way to their heart and spread your love to them, so here’s your chance!story

4. People come knocking on my door looking for me.

I feel so loved. They can confide in me and would do anything for me as I would for them. This can only happen in college.

5. College dorms start to resemble a kind of home.

This came a few weeks into first quarter, but towards the end of the move-in process, I took a step back and realized my new, previously empty dorm room is starting to resemble the makings of a home, and I love it. The entire college dorming experience is like creating a new family. There are fights and gossips/rumours, there are drama-filled episodes, but everyone is family, and we all love each

Homeless and dorm-less

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As a college student, you realize the importance of your dorm keys and phone very early in the year. The one day you forget your dorm room keys and your phone somewhere, everything in the universe will go wrong!  And you will be sleeping very alone from 2am to however long it takes for one of your roommates to wake up in the morning.

And if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to bang on your door to wake up your roommates at 2am just to let you back in, but you really want to sleep on a nice warm bed…  So…you’ll go to a hall mates room and bang on their door to wake them up at 2am, but then you’ll leave an hour later because you don’t want to be a burden.

And then, you’ll walk up and down the hall feeling like the victim of a horror movie until you’ll finally suck it up and just sleep outside your door with one arm in your jacket and the other is on your face to protect you from the bright light in the hall. You wrap your scarf three times around your feet to keep yourself warm, and you pray this won’t last too long. By 6am, your roommate comes out thinking, “What the …?” and all you want to do really is jump under the covers of your bed and sleep all day.

Nothing could make you more thankful for a bed that keeps you warm and lets you dream than a night as a homeless dorm-less college student.