Take a picture/video every day of summer

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1 second a day video

To tackle this challenge, I started the 1 second a day challenge after looking at some really cool videos online of a man who recorded 1 second of every day of his life.

This is a great way to document the most special moments of every day and also to be able to look back and pinpoint what you have done each day.

This app allows me to appreciate every moment of every day because even the most ordinary things become seemingly beautiful when stitched together to show a timeline of my growth, and I truly have grown through this app. I have been able to find joy and happiness in the smallest moments and when I look back to all my moments that I have collected (not just all of summer, but over many many years), I am so happy that I’ve gone through the effort of collecting these moments.

Disclosure: I have not been paid or compensated in any way for promoting this app. I just think it is fantastic and everyone should get it.


Have we forgotten what privacy means?

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Privacy, although often talked about, is not something that people of this generation are actively pursuing.

Why not? Is it because we nolonger wish to live private lives?

I’ve talked to many people with a very large online presence, so I understand the glamour that comes with having millions of followers to “like” your every post. I get it, I really do. Our lifestyles the past few decades have changed to accommodate the ever increase technology and social media platforms, and that has also led us to share our every day menial tasks and celebrations to the world wide web through facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, and the list goes on.

We know this risks our physical safety (to have thousands of strangers know where we are, what we are doing, what the name of our dog is, what our family and friends look like) but now, with pattern recognition software in social media networks such as facebook, these platforms can, with some accuracy, predict: whether a couple will break up or not based on profile view data, if breast cancer impact a female’s life based on the facebook pages she “likes”, and what brands you are most likely to purchase based on your google searches. All this data helps marketers and advertisers somewhat influence your purchasing behavior, and in the future, may even manipulate your purchasing decisions. 

Marketers put sexually appealing women in ads or attractive photos of food to trigger a Pavlovian response. Commercial images in magazines and TV affect what our society thinks is beautiful or worth aspiring toward. Hyper-personalized ads that target us based on our entire life history of data may someday be able to influence us in ways we can’t comprehend. I’d like to believe I have free will, but undoubtedly, advertising has impacted decisions I’ve made during the course of my life.

Still, there is a great need for privacy. I’m not just talking about government conspiracies.

Chances are the world doesn’t care about your day to day problems, and though it’s nice to share your thoughts with others, you can choose who to share with instead of broadcasting it to the world. Call up a friend, invite them over and share it with them. It will not only build a better relationship between the two of you, but it will save you from getting your home broken into when you’re out for vacation.

We change over time, but if you post something online, it stays there forever. Even the posts I posted two or three years ago are embarrassing to reread. Even if I delete it, I know it will always be somewhere online in the world wide web waiting for some hacker to find.

We say we want privacy, but we don’t actively pursue privacy. We post up photos onto social media platforms, we share personal information (sometimes even security questions for credit cards and social security), we sign documents without reading through the fine print, and we “friend” random strangers in the hopes of feeling a little less lonely.


Long Night of Arts and Innovation

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College Life: A brief period of time in which a young adult can discover his or herself by keeping an open mind to try new things and take advantage of the opportunities presented.


Thursday night, my first opportunity to explore new ideas came knocking… no, literally…. My R.A. was all over the hall knocking on doors to gather kids to go to the Long Night of Arts and Innovation Exhibit. I happened to walk in on him asking kids to come along, and since I had finished all my work and nothing much else to do, I went along with five other kids from our hall and seven kids from the F1 hall. The night started with us going on a trolley (which is awesome because I hardly see those around in LA) to downtown riverside to see the Long Night of Arts and Innovation Exhibition and though we had quite an adventure throughout the night, it was definitely worth going, and I don’t regret it for a second.

In the beginning I found out there was a stamp booklet we could fill out, so I was going crazy in trying to collect all the stamps… until I realized all the stamps are all the same, just in different colors…  so then I tried labeling the different demonstrations. I got a stamp from the art museum about the different diversity in mom&pop companies and poverty,etc. and then I got a stamp from the Entomology table. They had a walking stick from Australia on display for kids to feel and hold. Holding the walking stick made me feel as though I was back in third grade for show & tell, and it was a pleasant memory to be able to do this again in college a decade later.m1

Some other demonstrations we  saw included Vocademy, in which I got to finally see a real 3D printer! I have always wanted to see how that works and it was truly so fascinating to see these things that I had only read articles about on yahoo pages actually materialize in front of me at this exhibition. The volunteers explained how the movable parts printed layers of plastic to essentially created a flat 2-dimensional object into a 3-dimensional object. We also saw a demonstration that allows people to photograph the act of a punch in slow motion, and one of my hall mates got second place! He beat my R.A. by 1 frame.. It was pretty intense, and super cool to see! And then, there was this train that a person can control with their hand through the electric signals that the brain sends out. And it worked! Every time a person flicks their wrist upward as if starting the engine of a motorcycle, the train starts moving! It was incredible!

There were some really cool demonstrations and experiments being conducted, and I was so glad that I could witness these amazing inventions instead of staying back in the dorms and watching something on netflix (…actually that would have been pretty awesome too). We got really hungry at one point, and we stopped at a pizza shop. I didn’t have any cash on me, and I didn’t have any dinner either, but these two extremely awesome and very sweet girls gave me some of their pizza. And my hall mate, Tre, surprised me with a warm cookie!!! (I seriously love her!) I was so grateful, and I really had just the most amazing time talking to my hall mates, R.A., and the demonstration volunteers (from the clubs).