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Thinking about donating YOUR hair?

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Now, I haven’t actually donated before. I’ve thought about donating to Locks of Love several times when I was younger, but that was before I found out that they still make people PAY for wigs. I haven’t done extensive research, but I just figure it’s not worth donating to them if they can’t meet my expectations of a non-profit organization.

Isn’t the whole point of donation and non-profit is to provide for someone who CANNOT afford such luxuries?

I mean if my hair was just being made into a wig and then sold off, it would just be a commodity. Come on, I could sell my hair myself. I don’t need an outside company to take my hair for free and make profit out of it.

There are tons of other great organizations that are actually helping patients with cancer (going through chemotherapy) and lots of patients suffering from hair loss. Again, you’ll have to check the reps on some of these organizations and their transparency, but I think it’s a great way to help someone else find some sort of joy.

Having said that, I probably won’t donate. Instead, I have saved some of my hair for some genetic research for the creation of the perfect human species sometime in the future. Let’s be honest, it’s a far more noble cause.


Not sure where to spend your night? No problem. Each dorm explained.

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In the last three years at Riverside, I have stayed over at lots of friends’ dorm rooms, partied all night (eh.. more like studied all night).

Aberdeen-Inverness: I’ve stayed over at Judy’s place in A-I. I’ve also been there to play pool or ping pong with friends. I hear its perfect for more social people, who don’t mind loud noises next door from people having sex four doors down or snoring roommates. It’s a bit crowded, but it makes for a good experience for your first year.

East Lothian/West Lothian: I shared a three-girl bedroom at East-Lothian, visited West Lothian to see friends. I felt East Lothian was perfect for me because I am the kind of person who likes a balance between personal bonding with a few close friends and some crazy partying (not that I really partied freshman year… or sophmore year… or junior..okay yeah, I didn’t go to crazy on the party scene, but I get pretty crazy all on my own). West Lothian I heard had really low ceilings back in the day, but I heard they recently renovated all of lothian, so yay!

Pentland Hills: I needed a place to stay one night after I got locked out of my apartment (check out when I was homeless here) and my waterpolo friend, Bri, was kind enough to let me stay over at her place and I got the chance to bond with her and her roommate Maile (who is also really sweet). Pentland is pretty quiet and most first years complained that they didn’t get a chance to meet people, so make sure that if you’re the kind of person who needs to socialize and interact and can survive without your own bathroom and don’t mind sharing, choose Lothian or Aberdeen Inverness.

Glenmore: I visited my friend Tarn at Glenmore and I think a bunch of us went to a party and it got late so I ended up taking over the bed while all the others slept on the couch. I felt awful though, but hey, perks of being a girl. The place is really nice, but expensive!

Falkirk: My second year at college, I lived in a shared room at Falkirk. It was an experience. If you are the kind of person who likes to be surrounded by like-minded people and don’t really like being alone, this is the perfect way to go.

Oban: I was going to transfer out after my second year, but glad I didn’t because Oban was super close to school and it was a great deal for its worth. I got the room to myself and my roommates were pretty cool. The only downfall was that I lost my keys so I had to break into my apartment almost every day! Glad no one else tried to.

Bannockburn: My friends Shannon and Lilly both lived in Bannockburn and I have stayed over at both places. The place is nice, kinda small, but great for low budgets. If you’re the kind of person who just wants a place to sleep at, but close enough to campus–this is the place to go. The only thing that stopped me from staying here was that lots of my friends’ complained about bug/insect problems, so be sure to bring bug spray with you to college.

Sterling: I stayed over here quite a bit my second year of college and it is a great place for off campus living. I believe dogs are allowed on the first floor of the building and there are tons of grocery and shopping stores right across the street.

Grandmarc: I needed a place to stay for a month while I was taking Organic Chemistry over the summer, and I got a great deal. I got the entire place subleased to me at 400 bucks for a month. It came with the parking pass and a key card and all utilities were included. Plus, it is right across the street from the University Village.

University Village Apartments: Four girls from my hall at Lothian lived at the UV Apartments sophmore year and it was a ton of fun visiting them. We ordered pizza, went to the beach to paddleboard and it felt like I was a young freshman all over again.

So yeah, I’ve stayed at a lot of places with lots of friends, and I’m honestly so very lucky to have so many wonderful friends who have helped me out at times of need.

Hope you get to experience all these places for yourself!

Take a picture/video every day of summer

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1 second a day video

To tackle this challenge, I started the 1 second a day challenge after looking at some really cool videos online of a man who recorded 1 second of every day of his life.

This is a great way to document the most special moments of every day and also to be able to look back and pinpoint what you have done each day.

This app allows me to appreciate every moment of every day because even the most ordinary things become seemingly beautiful when stitched together to show a timeline of my growth, and I truly have grown through this app. I have been able to find joy and happiness in the smallest moments and when I look back to all my moments that I have collected (not just all of summer, but over many many years), I am so happy that I’ve gone through the effort of collecting these moments.

Disclosure: I have not been paid or compensated in any way for promoting this app. I just think it is fantastic and everyone should get it.