Try all 36 of Baskin Robbin’s flavors


I have been trying to finish all of my bucket list tasks, and there is no way I could possibly ever tackle this task unless I go all out.

And that is exactly what I did.

I went to a local Baskin Robins with Sambit one day, and when they asked me what flavor I wanted to try, I said all of them. Of course, I said I’ll pay to try them all since there are so many, but the young girl behind the counter was super nice and let me try them all. I felt awful for sampling all of the flavors for free, so I went ahead and payed a chunk of money for the largest ice cream cup I have ever bought and brought it home to share with the family.

It was an amazing opportunity to try all of the flavors there, but the downfall of eating them all at once is that I grew full by the 10th bite I took, but the lady kept handing me little scoops to try and so I swallowed down the little vomit coming up and I kept eating. I forgot the taste of all of the flavors immediately after eating, but there were a lot more chocolate flavors than any other flavor out there. Also, I don’t recommend mixing chocolate flavors with sorbet flavors— they’re very different and they end up making you feel slightly queasy.

After eating all the flavors, I stared down at my 36 pink spoons while my friend ate his ice cream. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the ice cream I bought for the family so I asked the employee to pack it up in a brown paper bag.

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