8 new things we tried in Japan

1. Octopus Roll

Mom tried this one first. Only after her approval did we venture to try this! Interesting taste. Definitely would recommend trying it!

2. Shrimp&Rice stuffed inside an egg omelette

Bro ate chicken&rice stuffed in egg omelette since he’s allergic to shrimp. Good stuff! He didn’t like his, but mom and I loved ours!

3. Yam roll– deep-fried… with seaweed around it.

It had a very unique taste, and we got it in our breakfast buffet!

4. Traditional japanese food– rice cake, shrimp tempura, sashimi, fish…

Fuji mountain…

5. Sushi in Japan… Is entirely different.

The taste is unique. They use a fire torch to heat the raw food, and it gives a burnt tasty zesty flavor to the sushi rolls. They only gave two pieces at a time, but it was totally worth the expense of getting like 20 orders of sushi.


6. Deer Cookies

Okay. This was entirely unintentional on my part. I simply wanted a unique photo with the deers in Kyoto, so I thought it’d be cool to feed them with my mouth. The deer were smart though, so I had to hold it pretty tight in my mouth so I can get a decent photo. Turns out, deer food is pretty bland. I wouldn’t recommend trying it.

7. Japanese Udon Noodle Soup.

It’s actually pretty sad that we’ve never had legit noodle soup before. We’ve had Ramen Noodles and Maggie and Pho, but this was a first! It was amazing!

8. Boss: Cafe Au Lait

Yes, it is essentially coffee, but it still counts as new since it has a totally different taste to it! Okay, I just really wanted to add this…


  1. the octopus balls are called takoyaki.. which is quite delicious and my absolute favorite when being in Osaka! You should also try out the okonomiyaki! That is more like a japanese pizza.. it is really good.

    1. Hey! Thank you for identifying the octopus balls. Haha. Takoyaki definitely sounds better! I did try pizza while out there, but not okonomiyaki. I will look forward to eating the japanese pizza next time!!

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