10 Miles Run: Week One

Day 1

I have been planning to run a marathon since the beginning of high school. I am now starting freshman year of college and the longest I have run on a single day has been 7 miles… and that was freshman year in Track Practice.  I think I should make more realistic goals. In fact, I think 10 miles should be my first goal to complete. I have finally initiated in training today on August 15th, 2013 for my supposed 10 mile run race. The plan is to run for 4.33 miles every day this week. Today, I ran for only 3 miles at a constant easy pace of 10:20… I am actually quite tired. I am not used to running for so long… even running a mile is usually gruesome at the speed of 7 or 8 on days I visit the gym. And today, it’s only a speed of 5.77.

I just came back from my one month trip to India and I am seriously out of shape… unless you call a circle a shape… oh wait…never mind. The point is that I only went to the gym once in my entire trip. It was on my last day in Delhi before we went to Ludhiana.

After exercising today, I am extremely proud of myself for pushing myself to start training.. even if I went a little weak on my motivation near the end of the workout. I found an app on my phone to keep me on top of my training. It’s called GIPIS (if anyone is interested–It is also FREE). The training can be modified to anything one wishes to accomplish whether it be a 3k to a 10 mile run to an entire marathon. I designed my program to allow me to train for 4 days in the week and have 3 rest days. This way I can recover from any injury or soreness I get one at any point in my intense training.

Day 2

I slept right after running last night. I didn’t even shower.  I know.. not cool, but I was just so tired. Anyways, I woke up with gym clothes on… so I figured.. it wouldn’t hurt to run early morning (11am for me) today instead.I ran pretty consistently for 2 miles, and then I got tired and hungry. I got lazy, and I left the treadmill. My feet are a bit sore because both days I have been running with shoes either too big or too small for my feet. I hope I don’t get injured. I kept my pace of 10:20/mile, and I am not tired after running, but I don’t feel like running either. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t fight the laziness. I guess it takes time. I hope tomorrow I am a little more motivated to run hard and run fast! Maybe even run 3 extra miles to make up for my lack of consistency and will power the first two days.

Break Day

I didn’t run today. I didn’t even once even try to go on that treadmill. I feel like this goal is getting further and further everyday. I hope things get better soon because at this point… my ten mile run might not be accomplished by december after all. *sad face*

Day 3

I slept at 3am in the office room while blogging and at 5am I moved to the guest room to sleep properly. I woke up around 9am and ran 2 miles. But that wasn’t the end of it.. My brother invited a few friends over and all of us swam for a few hours and also played ping pong around the world for an hour or so. Of course, Oreo came out of the house a few times and jumped into the pool to scratch me up so I had to run after him and carry him upstairs. This kept happening three times since mom would keep opening the door for him. I really have no energy to run more than two or three miles so I have no idea how I am going to finish this 10 mile run. It is looking very bleak for me right now, but I really can’t give up… I won’t let myself stop so easily. No, not this time.

Break Day

Today is a Monday, and therefore the one day a week that I go on a fruit diet. It is great to help me detoxify all the junk foods and trash I have eaten… Usually I don’t excercise on fasting days because I need all the carbs I can get after training.

Break Day

I know I was supposed to run today, but I had a little incident at the hospital after getting six pints of blood extracted for my blood tests. I passed out for a few seconds. After that… I have been a bit cautious in eating extremely high in fats, so… I’m eating relatively healthy food and also avoiding any strenuous physical activity. I have been feeling light headed all day long, but I am still active. I should be better by next week to continue my 10 mile running goal!

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