Ping Pong Player

My brother taught me how to play ping pong some six years ago so I can accompany him. I was a natural. My brother would never say so, but I knew it. I learned quite fast, and within half a year, I was almost as good as my brother, almost. My mom bought us a ping pong table for my brother’s birthday. By default I got the “present” too.

A year later, my doggie, Oreo, came to our house. At first, things were quiet with him. Too quiet. The minute we started playing ping pong in front of him, he’d go ballistic. He took barking to another level. We started playing less often. And the days we played, we’d schedule to have mom take him for a walk to distract him.

The table only lasted for two years anyways. One of my friend’s sat on the table and broke it. Funny story actually…

 We put the broken table aside, and forgot about replacing it for a while. Only after a few months of moving houses from Cerritos to Diamond Bar did we decide to replace our ping pong table. Again, mom bought a ping pong table for my brother’s birthday. Yeah, I know..he gets all the good gifts.

My parents learned how to play too, so Oreo is a bit more on-the-edge about all of us playing games without him, but we try to have at least one person with him at all times. My brother thinks I am a much better player than before. In fact, he went as far as to say that now… he actually tries.

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