lacking finesse in a game of pool

Warning sign: Want to play? Finesse needed.

Pool Table

We had just gotten a pool table as an addition to the game room a few months, and I remember telling a friend in school about all my experiences in losing at a game of pool when the topic came up.. and he responded, “yeah, it takes a certain finesse to play well…” It was honestly the best insult given ever. It might have actually been funny to hear if it wasn’t directed at me. I laughed it off, but I did challenge him to a game sometime. Then, I’d make him pay… I’m sure of it.

I told another friend about the insult while running with him in our neighborhood… As it would happen, I accidentally dropped my water bottle as I ran to my front gate, and within moments I hear the word, “finesse“, being shouted across the street. I shake my head and I walk away to hide my embarrassment. I should have seen it coming though…

And when I told my brother, it became his key lingo to use when I made a fail shot at ping-pong or played pool poorly or did anything at all. He went as far as using the term “finesse” in describing the careful movements needed to use chop sticks when eating sushi.

Lesson learned: Ladies, never tell a guy a good insult. You’ll be the first one they use it on. Or if you do… Make sure you have a certain “finesse” in the way you say it.

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