Bond.The Beginning Of a New Day..

A few years ago, I had an idea. There was a You&Me Club that worked with disabled kids at my school. I joined the club as co-president in the hopes to actively spend time with the students. The idea of such an interaction was a brilliant way to integrate the students and make them feel a part of the school and community, but I didn’t feel the organization was effective to the extent that I envisioned.  Our Bonds

The students were still ignored or treated poorly by most of the kids. I wanted to do something for them, and since bracelets and keychain were “in fashion”, I thought I’d make a few for the disabled students. It was a simple enough idea, and also a great way to show my care and affection for the kids. I started making a few, and whenever someone would ask me what I was up to. My response was always the same: “Busy making a bond…”

I knew a few friends that were interested in helping the disabled students too, and so when I told them of the idea I had, many of them agreed to help me out. We decided that among the nine kids making the bracelets, we can easily make more bracelets… enough for the entire school. The idea seemed to grow.  It was the beginning of a new day…. and just like that I created a brand name for our bracelets: The Bond…because it was the Beginning Of a New Day.

It took us a little less than a total of two months to make all the bracelets and another week to distribute the bracelets to the disabled students. The kids were all thankful for the bracelets, and a few of the disabled students were really really sweet and gave us all hugs and a huge thank you card. I don’t know about the other girls, but I was touched. I felt pretty good about myself. It was just one of those amazing feelings that we get when we do something good without thinking about receiving anything in return.

So…we had about 162 bracelets left over after giving it to all the disabled students. We didn’t know what to do after finishing our task, but the wake up call came when several of our friends heard about the friendship bracelets. They asked us if we could give them one or two BONDs if we had leftover bracelets. We chose the last day of the school year to give out the friendship bracelets at lunch time and it was a huge success!Everyone loved them. It was a perfect way to end the school year, and it also gave way to the beginning of a new day of summer! I had hoped that these bracelets would make a difference in someone’s life…. and hopefully it does, but at least I know that making these BONDs has definitely created a difference in my life. So now, all nine of us are going to different colleges all over the world, but the BONDs we made will always remain.


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