The new girl.

My first day at Diamond Bar High School:
I came into my first class of the day–it just happens so that it was sixth period biology– and just as luck has it: my phone rang. My biology teacher, who I have now come to realize has a very distinct sense of humor, told me that if it rang again… I’d have to kiss the guy sitting next to me. Now it was my first day at this new school… to say I was shocked would be an understatement of how I felt. My teacher was blunt and the entire class was in awe.. or laughing at me. It took me less than an hour to figure out that this was going to be an interesting year.
Diamond-Bar-High-School-Biology-ClassBiology Class. Continue:
Almost every day, the class would be the highlight of my day because everyone (especially our teacher) was so entertaining. Yes, I was initially appalled by my biology teacher’s behavior in class, but ironically, the class by default (since all the other classes were pretty average) became my favorite class. I could be myself and not feel judged by any of the students (since everyone was teased or embarrassed by our teacher). And by the end of the year, I was able to get pretty close to all my classmates through all our memorable experiences together in class!

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