My ultra packed Bucket List

¬†Keep your most amazing moments in check ūüôā
  1. Babysit.
  2. Try all 36 of Baskin Robin’s flavors.
  3. Send a message in a bottle.
  4. Plant a tree.
  5. Take a picture/video every day of summer
  6. Get a full body massage.
  7. Be treated to a breakfast in bed.¬†(I had planned to wake up at 4:30 am and give mom a treat for Mother’s day, but I ended up sleeping late the night before, blowing up a bunch of red balloons and decorating the house. I didn’t actually get a chance to sleep until 1 or 2 in the morning, so the next day, when I woke up around 7 am, I found mom and dad next to my bed with a large tray filled with my favorite breakfast treats. It was a very grounding moment to see my mom treating me on her special day, a day that is supposed to be all about her, and it just made me 100 times more appreciative of all the things mothers do for their kids around the clock that go by unnoticed. I was super embarrassed, but moreover just so happy. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and it reinforced the idea that mothers should be celebrated every day. I make it a goal to show my appreciation to my mom each day and just tell her how much I love her and how much she means to me, and though she makes fun of me for being an emotional wreck every day and getting all sentimental, I know she appreciates it too.)
  8. Watch a movie in an IMAX theater.
  9. See a school play. ( In high school, I was the UsherРgot a chance to show people their seats, answer any questions they had, and watch the play. In college, I had several friends in the Drama department and got pretty nice seats.)
  10. Do something creative and make cool things– (Examples: wooden tables, crafty beds, and friendship bracelets)
  11. Donate my hair. I have done this. I have also saved some of my hair for some genetic research for the creation of the perfect human species sometime in the future.
  12. Set off fireworks in India ( Diwali celebration)

  13. Go to a huge sport’s game (Examples:¬†Ice hockey, tennis–U.S. Open, Lakers basketball game, and/or American Idol.)

  14. Look up at the night sky through a telescope
  15. Go to a drive-in theater. (I went to a drive-in theater for the first time with Lilly to watch a sci-fi movie, and though the movie was so-so and we were sure that the place was haunted, it was a treat to be there with Lilly. It was the first time I had ever even thought about the incredible technological advancements that have come about– who knew we could tune into a radio channel and listen to the audio for a movie from inside our cars?? Okay, some people knew, but I was absolutely amazing.
  16. Pray more. Really become spiritual. I don’t know… start doing yoga!¬†(ongoing goal)
  17. Make at least 10 people smile every day (ongoing goal)
  18. Put 110% effort into everything! (ongoing goal)
  19. Buy a homeless person a full meal. (I have given a homeless person my peanut butter sandwich cookies that I bought in Hopkins while walking to the dorms with Fiona! And I’ve bought snacks for the homeless person outside of Target. 2015) (So… I finally did this. I started my Tulsi & Tea subscription box service, having sold 30 and donated 15 or so. 2020.)
  20. Make an online dating account
  21. Go to speed-dating. (At Club Med in France!) The only problem was that no one there spoke English so I kinda just stared at a bunch of French guys. One dude pulled out some fruit snacks and shared with me, that was nice.
  22. Meet a famous director (Steven Spielberg, George Lucas)
  23. Meet a comedy icon (Tim Conway, Bob Newhart, Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, Carol Burnett, Russel Peters etc…)
  24. Create a new flavor of ice cream
  25. Run a marathon
  26. Run a marathon again…cheat obviously, because¬†there’s no way I’m running the whole thing twice
  27. Make a viral YouTube video. any amazing ideas for this??
  28. Take someone’s clothes away from a public shower, and leave them with only a cardboard box.. or you know. Nothing. Or even better… an embarrassing costume. I know banana suit!
  29. Change a baby’s diaper.. on my own.
  30. Put your deepest worry into a balloon and let it go.
  31. Dedicate a day to someone important in my life.
  32. Get over a fear.
  33. Play extreme truth or dare. (In Ludhiana)
  34. Go vegetarian.
  35. Cover something with inspiring sticky notes
  36. Go to fat camp. DONE, got fit. met someone too (;
  37. Chant/meditate for 10-15 minutes a day.
  38. Listen to a live orchestra & see fireworks on 4th of July in Washington D.C. on a Hopkins trip
  39. Slow down–don’t be in a hurry for anything in life–just be content with doing things slowly(:
  40. Be thoughtful/insightful/etc. talk less, and listen more
  41. Always be thankful. I have a pretty fortunate (sheltered) life.. and sometimes I just have to remind myself to stay thankful and positive. (Wrote gratitude journal 2019-2020)
  42. Watch someone giving birth.. or is that kinda creepy??
  43. Give 100 strangers a hug. (John Hopkins campus and Maryland library)
  44. Hug a hobo.
  45. Read to young children you know. (I read a Dr. Seus Books to a bunch of 3rd graders at Batey Elementary School. I loved it so much! It was such a wonderful experience.)
  46. Host a super awesome pool party!
  47. Leave notes in library books
  48. Tell a guy that asks you out.. “sorry, I only date ninjas” …and then watch his facial expression… (Ah, I have yet to do this. I’m way too nice for this.)
  49. Go to a store really late (See, this wasn’t a problem in Singapore because of how safe it is there for kids to be out and about. I went pretty late¬†in the night in Singapore with Shubh & Shiksha to a stationary store and got sweetly scented pens.)
  50. Eat a crepe in Spain @ a mall shop


Places to Travel and Landmarks to see…

  1. Visit all 50 states
  2. See the London Eye
  3. Visit a Club Med in France
  4. See the Singapore Flyer
  5. Travel to the moon
  6. Visit Pompeii (Italy Trip)
  7. Visit the 7 Wonders of the world
  8. Watch the sunrise and sunset all in a day.. on the roof with Buzby.
  9. See the firefly squids glow
  10. Hang from the tower in Toronto.
  11. Eat at Volt.
  12. New Years in Australia!
  13. Do a street performance.
  14. Yoga in Times Square.
  15. Watch Hamilton on Broadway, NYC.
  16. Visit Area 51.
  17. Visit 100 beaches..¬†(I’ve visited maybe 35 so far…)
  18. Visit Mt. Yoshino in Japan. (I went to Mount Fuji… close enough.)
  19. Mardi Gras in New Orleans (2020)
  20. Fashion Week in New York City
  21. BookCon in New York City (I was soo close! We went to NYC only the week before.)
  22. St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  23. Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  24. Pamplona
  25. Costa Rica (I admired the culture and beauty and greenery and ate the staple diet of beans, rice, and fried banana, went on many crazy adventures, and spent lots of quality time with the family.)
  26. Panama City, Panama (We saw the Panama Canal and I ran into an undercover FBI agent, who taught me a few things.)
  27. Memphis in May for the International Festival
  28. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
  29. Go to the most northern point in Maine.
  30. Tournament of Roses Parade ‚Äď Pasadena, CA
  31. Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
  32. Go to the giant pillow fight in NYC.
  33. New Year’s Eve in Times Square
  34. New Year’s Eve in Vegas.. (Got our room raided that day. I was terrified!! So many things were stolen!)
  35. Visit the International Spy Museum in Washington! (2019)
  36. Fly first class.
  37. Randomly take the cheapest next flight from LAX. (2019)
  38. Visit Niagara Fall.. so? Do it again dude.
  39. Go white water rafting in Denver, Colorado
  40. Jet skiing in Hawaii
  41. Tomatina festival-tomato battle in Valencia, Spain


  42. Go to all the national parks in California…(I am going to Joshua Tree soon and I’ve been to Grand Canyon and Zion (both outside of California, LOL.)
  43. Visit the Warner Bros Studios and see Harry Potter World in Florida (I’ve been to the Hogwart’s “9 3/4” in London’s King Station. Does that count?)
  44. Parasailing in Hawaii
  45. Visit the Rain Room at The Curve, Barbican, London or the Museum of Modern Art Exhibit in New York/California
  46. Go on an Alaskan cruise
  47. See the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum in France. Turned out to be a lot smaller than I had imagined.

Some professional Goals…

  1. Write a novel.. eventually.. some day… and publish it too! (Wrote and published a book on Amazon – April 2020)
  2. Volunteer at a super really cool place
  3. Pass interviews 
  4. Volunteer in a 3rd world country… for a semester?
  5. Go to trade shows (The most fun I ever had at a formal business event.. and plus I got free food and got to be an “Earth Doctor”)
  6. Read the newspaper every day (make a folder/collage of all the interesting articles I find)
  7. Make a Diorama set
  8. Read the entire Bible in 365 days.. I have read about 10% for my religious studies class, but I have ways to go.
  9. Read the Bhagavad Gita. This is an important document that outlines many of the Hindu ideals. How can I have faith in a religious without reading its scripts and laws?
  10. Discover the fallacies of the government and the world and what I can do to set them right (Reading the newspaper every day helps with this!!)
  11. Save animals from going extinct–work with animals!!
  12. Work with human rights for something you believe strongly about. Maybe even be an active protestor?
  13. Make an inspiring speech!
  14. Gain confidence in speaking to people (public speaking??) I’m in Improv club.. does that count? Also joined Toastmasters temporarily.
  15. Watch TED videos
  16. Effectively communicate in sign language!
  17. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  18. Attend social causes and be active/ join clubs I care about! (W.R.I.T.E./political walks/resistance movements/mindfulness/wellness center/ medical jobs)
  19. Set a world record
  20. Read 500 books before I reach 30 years old
  21. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  22. Make some money in the stock market.. or lose a ton… (I lost a ton when I was 13, but I’ve been better since then.)
  23. Start a business.
  24. Call/write to a congress person (meeting Ed Royce)
  25. Make + Edit YouTube videos
  26. Get certified as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant

Many adventures to go on..

  1. Go paintballing. I went with Shubh & Shiksha (my cousins)!!
  2. Sleepover at the San Diego Zoo
  3. Gold mining in Denver, Colorado
  4. Deep sea scuba diving
  5. Rope swing… like Tarzan! (Costa Rica!)
  6. Sky Diving
  7. Go on a safari
  8. Be at two places at once ( as seen in “a walk to remember”) (I went to “four corners” in Utah where 4 states meet. It was EPIC!)
  9. ¬†Go rock climbing….legit rock climbing.. well, I went rappelling!!
  10. Drive a golf cart. (A military officer drove me on a golf cart to help me find my car after my Spartan Race. I consider that close enough… I’ve also driven a golf cart in Turks and Caicos.)
  11. Go fishing
  12. Catch a fish
  13. Ride your bike places
  14. Race a sports car
  15. Cliff diving ( Was a pretty crazy experience in my life. You can read a little about it on my post about the impermanence of life.)
  16. Build a fire
  17. Go race car driving!
  18. Donate blood.¬†(I’m scared of needles poking me, though.. and I am underweight and anemic. Maybe not the best thing to put on a bucket list.)
  19. Sleep on a hammock
  20. Catch fireflies (while singing Firefly!)–Woah, look at me getting creative!!
  21. Buggy jumping
  22. Cliff Diving (jumped off a 50-foot cliff and lived to tell about it!)
  23. Go zip lining!
  24. Pick up and move to another city and just start over.
  25. Communicate with someone without sharing a commonly spoken language… lots of hand signs, lots of pointing, lots of frustration
  26. Tutor someone (I tutored every day for an hour after school in Hour Power for Cerritos High, also was a student teacher for the first two years of college and tutored AVID students in STEM classes.)
  27. Travel to foreign nations–alone– backpacking.. in Europe??
  28. Meet new people–write/blog about my adventures
  29. Read “The Little Prince” (It was beautiful.. I even cried)
  30. Attend a vid-con… Not yet, but I did go to beauty-con.
  31. LA to San Francisco driving
  32. Read a novel by the beach at a bar in Spain

And many things to learn…

  1. Learn how to drive a stick shift car
  2. Learn how to play pool
  3. Learn how to play ping pong
  4. Learn to juggle
  5. Learn how to read braille
  6. Learn calligraphy
  7. Learn to play volleyball
  8. Learn pottery and sculpting too!
  9. Learn how to play an instrument. guitar, piano, flute, drums. 
  10. Learn horseback riding
  11. Learn how to ski or snowboard
  12. Learn how to surf
  13. Learn new languages.¬†(So far, I am fluent in Hindi, English, and Spanish. I’m learning French from Hubert, and I have picked up a few phrases of Russian and Korean from dad and Taekwondo.)
  14. Learn how to fly a plane. (I was given the chance to take flying lessons in Orange County, but paying that much money, I decided, would necessitate a commitment to that career path, and I still have so many other aspirations in life. I didn’t want to lose any more focus from my medical degree goals, and so, turned the opportunity down. Maybe in the future.)
  15. Learn how to play the piano (I was informally taught how to play by Daniel M. and Keane L. and then, later formally taught by Mrs. Amin. Learning how to play has given me a new and profound appreciation for classical music and orchestras and how layering the sequences of sound adds to the depth and pace of the music. )
  16. Learn how to sing… (Well, I took lessons and I can match pitch to Do-Re-Mi… after a few practice rounds and throat-clearings. I tried to continue it, but I came across a teacher, who thought singing was an innate quality that cannot be learned, only honed, and that discouraged me from continuing any of my professional¬†singing aspirations. He mentioned that instead, I should focus my interests into something that can actually be learned. And I did. I went to the piano teacher instead and learned from her for the next two years. My interaction with him taught me the importance of strong teachers who believe in the ability of their students and instead encourage students to at least try. The last two decades of my life have taught me that the harder one works, the more likely miracles are to happen. And I believe teachers have the ability to bring about those miracles. The times I have taught my sophomore and juniors, AVID students at North W. High School, in Math and Science (STEM) I have always remembered that interaction and tried my very best NOT to let any of my students feel defeated or feel like Math and Science and further education is impossible and ask, what’s the point. Instead, I have focused my time and energy to making sure they can identify all the resources necessary to achieve their goals and show them the path to the math and science solutions. And even the path to college.
  17. Learn more about my own grandparents’ adventures.. (Well, I definitely tried this summer of 2013 and learned a little something about them!)
  18. Learn how to draw and paint.. maybe get something sold… I’ve been painting and drawing a ton at the age of 20. I started with a single class over the summer and have been pursuing these efforts quite religiously now.
  19. Learn how to play chess..(4th grade) I’m still working on this skill. I’ve been watching some of the grandmasters. I have even gone out to chess club meetings a few times in college, too.
  20. Learn archery.. 6th-grade camp, and then with Kyle
  21. Learn how to do cool stuff from online websites
  22. Learn how to break dance or actually, just learn how to dance. That’ll be good enough.
  23. Learn CPR. Get certified.
  24. Learn the capitals and locations of every country (learned most of US in geography class and the Spanish-speaking countries in Spanish and a few from traveling around the world)
  25. Learn something new: Fracking

I work out…

  1. Start weight lifting.. to get them toned muscles!
  2. Get 6 pack abs!
  3. Join a boot camp.. you know… just for a few weeks?? I joined Bootcamp 1o1 in my college! Also the Spartan Race felt like one… not sure if I want to go through a bootcamp ever again…
  4. Go hiking on a trail with family

  5. Go hiking on a trail with friends (ongoing goals)
  6. Take a self-defense course.. (Taekwondo, ten years; Brazilian Jui-jitsu.)
  7. Swim Team/Water Polo Team
  8. Run every day or at least exercise/swim daily!! (ongoing goals)
  9. Eat healthily–discover new ways of inventing new products and recipes– no chocolate and junk food–I’m being serious, now!!¬†(ongoing goals)
  10. Join a dance team.. (Joined the ICC group for my senior year in Diamond Bar High..)
  11. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail.
  12. Dance in front of a crowd
  13. Teach oreo how to swim like a pro
  14. Join the high school cross country & track team
  15. Join the high school swim & water polo team
  16. Get certified as a life guard
  17. Go body surfing…
  18. Jump off a really high diving board, etc. into a pool
  19. Take an ice cold bath (IN INDIA, when we climbed for 3hrs to get to the temple.)
  20. Sit (entire legs) in an Ice Bath for over 15 minutes! (Done twice to get rid of an injury in Cross Country&Track. My senior year of college, when I got into a skateboarding accident, my mom made me put my foot in an ice bath for 20 minutes every hour for almost the entirely of a month. WOW!)
  21. Take on the insanity challenge! (YESSSS! STARTED FRESHMAN YR IN COLLEGE WITH MY HALL!)
  22. Go climb a mountain.. ooh. I like a good challenge! I believe I’ve done something similar to climbing a mountain in Utah, also those spartan race hills were nothing less than a mountain.
  23. Hiking weekly/monthly
  24. Participate in a triathlon.

And sometimes, I wanna go crazy too.

  1. Attend a masquerade ball
  2. Shower under a waterfall
  3. Go to prom (One of the best days of my life… I went to watch Great Gatsby with my prom date afterward.. EPIC!)
  4. Karaoke bar.
  5. Confront a fear.
  6. Go to a Pride Parade.
  7. Have a hotel party in Vegas.
  8. Swim in a public fountain. well, I haven’t swum in it, but I’ve stepped in it and gotten drenched.
  9. Scream as loud as I can in public
  10. Go to a strip club.. just before I die… (Zulfi 2019)
  11. Have a karaoke night
  12. Be a bridesmaid
  13. Party like a rockstar? Hell No! Party like a stand-up comedian! More stories to tell by the end of the night.
  14. Crash a wedding (Crashed several Christmas parties, but I’ll get to this.)
  15. Go con-ing (Neal Caffrey Style). Okay, so I’m not exactly Neal Caffrey, but I’ve been on a detective hunt for my phone after it was stolen and I’ve also fed caramel onions on April Fool’s Day as a prank to my hallmates. I think I am on Caffrey’s level of awesomeness.
  16. Dress like pro golfers and go mini golfing.
  17. Jump on the bed for a half hour.
  18. Wear fake mustaches for an entire day.
  19. Order food in Spanish in Spain.
  20. Go crowd surfing.. and not get dropped or injured.
  21. Kiss underwater. 
  22. Go on a blind date
  23. Eat food blindfolded
  24. Help someone crash a wedding.. (I actually helped TWO openly gay guys– a couple–crash a wedding–It was EPIC)
  25. Skinny midnight… IDK.. this is risky… in the ocean
  26. Attend a comic con.
  27. Get into a club… underage.. (They didn’t even bother to check my ID.. so I was happy.. Calm Down!…not like I did anything there … Also it was legal since I was in Europe)
  28. Propose to one of the Disney characters in Disney world.
  29. Go to grad night in high school and go crazy (Done this twice woot!I got into grad night at Disney two weekends in a row)
  30. Go night time ghost hunting.
  31. Visit a haunted cemetery.
  32. Visit Hershey Park in Pennsylvania (Hopkins weekend trip..lost my super cute princes’s umbrella here.. not cool)
  33. Get stung by a Jellyfish (OMG! Happened on a Hopkins weekend trip to a local beach!)
  34. Eat at a sarcastic service restaurant at Hopkins! Did this with Ope @Baltimore, Maryland!
  35. Hide in a tree on campus and jump into random people’s conversations. I hid in the Botanical Gardens and threw pinecones at Kevin. It was totally planned out, but I still count it haha.
  36. Photobomb tourist’s pictures
  37. Photo bomb some random person’s photo (Oh god.. don’t remind me.. I was so embarrassed when he turned out¬†to be my brother’s friend!)


  1. Bake a wedding cake.. something yummy!
  2. Take a cooking class.. a legit one.. like not from mother…
  3. Cook a full meal by myself, from scratch
  4. Make & eat green eggs and ham
  5. Bake cookies and other yummy foods
  6. Learn how to cook–blog about it(:
  7. Bake a Cake!

College Life Doe…

  1. Start studying for MCATS
  2. Get a job
  3. Double major
  4. Make 1000 paper cranes. (I’ve got to maybe 400, but a tragic thing happened that makes me not want to continue with my desperate pursuits.)
  5. Solve a Rubix Cube.. without cheating using those I phone Apps… Yeah, I’ve done this! I learned the patterns and all from the Rubix cube website online hehe
  6. Make (beautiful) art- draw, paint, etc. All art is beautiful.
  7. Make Dean’s List in College!
  8. Spend the night in each dorm building. 
  9. Go to the gym for a month straight. (let’s see if I can avoid the freshman 15??)
  10. Set up a couple on a blind date.
  11. Throw a surprise party. well okay, I’ve been to some, not exactly thrown it..IDK I’m crossing it off anyways.
  12. Take random interesting classes–mixology, yoga, stitching, blogging, etc. Piano, Astronomy, Waterpolo, Improv, Chess, etc.
  13. Study abroad
  14. Get an internship!¬†(I’ve been a part of several internships throughout high school and college. Most recently, in my Junior year–¬†the Senate Mentor Internship with ASUCR.)
  15. Wear your clothes inside out for a day. (Not intentionally though)
  16. Do research with a professor in college. (I am currently part of a research lab with a graduate student, studying pheromone influences on click beetles.)
  17. Join intramural swim and other sports clubs in college. 
  18. Start your own college club
  19. Go to a frat party.
  20. Go out to dinner with a few professors. (Brandon)
  21. Get on stage at a concert.
  22. Go without iPhones for a week.
  23. Skip class for a day (gah, oversleeping is the worst!) Unfortunately, I’ve done this more times that I’d like to admit.
  24. Go to a concert the night before finals.
  25. Have a crazy weekend right before finals.
  26. Go running into class 10 minutes late the day of a midterm.
  27. Skip a Final.

More random things to do…

  1. Have a sleepover
  2. See a legit Shakespearean Play
  3. Reenact the Romeo&Juliet Balcony Scene

  4. Unplug for 48 hours (LUDHIANA NO INTERNET)
  5. Walk barefoot in the rain

  6. Go to an ashram for 1-2 months.. live with a few monks. Tell them what’s goin’ on in the “material” world.
  7. Go camping… legit camping…
  8. Create something for the needy– something no one has thought of before
  9. Roller Skating/Ice Skating (Got lessons at a very young age.. I’m surprised I still remember how to skate..and beautifully too if I must say)
  10. Lie about my weight.. so I weigh 300 pounds at the moment.
  11. Write a romantic poem yeah.. this is awkward.
  12. Write a serious poem (I wrote about the strange events in my Senior Year at Diamond Bar High School)
  13. Gotten a letter from someone famous
  14. Have a song dedicated to me on the radio or at a concert
  15. Save someone’s life. Who knows, I probably have.
  16. Build a campfire.
  17. Write a letter to Santa. (I will need to personally take it to him.)
  18. Make a homemade catapult
  19. Read the “5 love languages” and other romance novels
  20. Spend an entire day in the HUB.
  21. Make my own candles. (Dad got really into candlemaking.. and I did too after we went to Big Bear and found this shop with a French lady who’d had several tragedies befall her life. Made us even more determined never to involve another person in a partnership. No one can be trusted.)
  22. Climb a tree (Sunshine Park near home, then the tree over at Daniel’s place in Yucca Valley)
  23. Take a funny picture with Santa.
  24. Ask random people off the street to be my friend.
  25. Pet a penguin… I saw penguins at an aquarium.. close enough, right??
  26. Pretend we‚Äôre living mannequins in Ikea. (I only recently went to Ikea for the first time with my friend, Laura, and we ate their famous chicken meatballs with cranberry sauce. I’m craving it so much now.)
  27. Go to an awards show. 
  28. Ride the King-Da-Ka
  29. Hide from the cops. (INDIA –Kala kaccha gang story)
  30. Go to the making/taping/recording of a TV show. I haven’t done this, but I have gone to the recording session where a famous singer recorded a song with Dad. This finally happened in 2019 when Dad was invited to go live for a TV show called the Doctor’s Show.
  31. Go to ten music concerts before you graduate college. I think I’m getting there… except Heat is constantly being canceled, so annoying. I went to a real concert with Steven!
  32. Serve homeless people food (DONE IN INDIA!)
  33. Feed the cows (DONE IN INDIA!)feeding the cows
  34. Visit all the Smithsonian(s) in D.C.
  35. Sneak out of the house (INDIA)
  36. Take an active part¬†in a protest. (Women’s March)
  37. Go swimming in the campus pool.
  38. Dance with someone.
  39. Paint something.
  40. Help a stranger in distress with car troubles (aka, try to pay it forward‚Ķ) Here’s the thing. I even stopped my car one day and walked to someone else’s car to help them, but they disappeared when I got to that place. IDK, its hard to explain.
  41. Hug a koala.
  42. Make a time capsule.
  43. Feed the birds with your family in Spain
  44. Write a letter to someone.
  45. Complete a 1,000-piece puzzle
  46. Carve something on a tree
  47. Take at least 1,000 pictures in Summer
  48. Rebuild a relationship with someone you used to know
  49. Go to the zoo (oh please. I lived in a zoo for a night)
  50. Perform random acts of kindness‚ÄĒset your own goal for how many
  51. Read 10 books over summer
  52. Get closer to someone you know
  53. Interview someone you don’t know and learn their life story. Write it up and give it to them.
  54. Have a water fight
  55. Make pizza
  56. Go to Pieology with friends before leaving for college
  57. Sing a song with a lot of people
  58. Do your family’s laundry
  59. Do a friend’s laundry. (I did.. but I accidentally turned her black work clothes brown. OOPS’s.. Sorry Isabelle.)
  60. Do your own laundry
  61. Collect your family’s history
  62. Write a short story
  63. Write a song
  64. Do something that scares you
  65. Stand up for something you believe in
  66. Give advice
  67. Spend a half hour looking at clouds or stars
  68. Create, direct, and produce a mini film
  69. Choreograph a dance for a music video
  70. Put together a fashion show
  71. Build with Legos
  72. Freeze a water balloon and peel off the balloon part
  73. Do a photo shoot (2019 – 2020 consistent photoshoots)
  74. Plan out a road trip (Mammoth trip with Steven, Leah, and Ben; San Diego with Karishma)
  75. Make a collage
  76. Make smoothies. First time attempted to do this, I was with Keane. We took out all the almost-expired fruits at home and blended it & then, things turned crazy when we started adding Yog-hurt and ice. Eventually, however, I have successfully made yummy strawberry and other fruits smoothies!! Mmm, maybe I wanna make one right now.
  77. Eat 5 things you haven’t eaten before
  78. Be a vegetarian for a week
  79. Host a dinner party
  80. Body paint.. (Yes I have, it’s called henna. Duh.)
  81. Watch a black-and-white classic movie
  82. Play classic board games (like Monopoly or Chinese Checkers) on a rainy day
  83. Watch a meteor shower
  84. Leave famous quotes on the windows of parked cars
  85. Laugh so hard you cry
  86. Do 100 sit-ups in one sitting
  87. Write a complaint/satisfaction letter and wait for a reply
  88. Make a self-portrait using finger paints
  89. Have everyone you meet to sign a shirt for a day
  90. Wear a t-shirt saying ‚Äėlife‚Äô and hand out lemons
  91. Have a spontaneous scavenger hunt (UCR traditions keeper)
  92. Make a giant chocolate chip cookie.. I can do this now that the oven at my house is fully functional and I have cookie dough in stock ūüôā
  93. Create a new recipe that can be passed down for generations
  94. Have a full-on photography session taking ten photos of objects every color of the rainbow
  95. Find an astronomy pattern in the sky.. (The big dipper! This is how I survived my childhood. I pretended I was to look into the sky to find my freedom.)
  96. Have your doggy, Oreo, chase you while you ride your bike

  97. Make friendship bracelets
  98. Make small talk in an elevator
  99. Get a high score on an arcade game
  100. Organize a huge sport game
  101. Redo your bedroom. I did this for my apartment room sophomore year. Also helping dad get furniture for the home. Also my third year..
  102. Grow some plants (bamboos)
  103. Perform music for others. Even though my piano skills are not amazing, I try.. and don’t even get me started on my karaoke singing nights.
  104. Draw a chalk masterpiece on your sidewalk or driveway or in a playground
  105. Cook on an open fire.. marshmallows, and yup, burning some food at home too.. Ashish and his roomies helped me make a smores dip with chocolate chips and a little milk covered in marshmallows heated in the Oven and then use graham crackers to dip into it… ahhh, amazing!
  106. Win a competition
  107. Give my doggie an edible card for his 4th birthday and a Happy Birthday Pup-Pie for his 5th bday..
  108. Sell something
  109. Sleep the night on your trampoline
  110. Put Oreo on your trampoline with you
  111. Break world record
  112. Write in a diary
  113. Give Oreo driving lessons
  114. Pose on the rooftop of a church in Spain

  115. Wake up at 4am to go to the temple
  116. Pay for something in all coins
  117. Go to a museum
  118. See fireworks on the top of the car.. (I’ve been to the drive-in and watched on top of my car with Lily! <3) I watched 2016 fireworks with my brother on our cars on the country hill, it was spectacular.)
  119. Go to a carnival... The OC Fair and the LA County Fair
  120. Do yoga in the morning with Daddy.¬†I’ve done this. Mom has video footage as proof.
  121. Fly a kite
After making this ultra packed bucket list, I have been able to appreciate a lot of the smaller accomplishments I have attained and find something spectacular in every day of my life! If you feel I haven’t added something super cool and uniquely important, please comment below! I hope to keep increasing my bucket list over the years, and I highly encourage you to make your own ultra packet and super cool bucket list!
Send me a link to your own bucket list!! (:


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